Revival is a 16x Medieval Fantasy resource pack for Minecraft, originally created by SMP.

We use GitHub to collaborate on the resource pack. This allows us to manage multiple versions, easily share textures and changes, and creates automated downloads as changes are published.


The pack is currently updated for Minecraft 1.12.x, but also works on Minecraft 1.13.x (it will say it’s incompatible, but it works fine). Full support for Minecraft 1.13 will be available soon. OptiFine is highly recommended (see below)!

OptiFine Enhancements

Revival includes numerous enhancements when used with OptiFine. MCPatcher should also work, but currently we only test on OptiFine.


CTM, or Connected Textures, is a feature of OptiFine that allows for seamless blending of multiple blocks, so they appear as a single continuous texture.

What is CTM? Words cannot do it justice, check out these pictures:


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