A 16x medieval fantasy resource pack for Minecraft. Originally created by SMP. Maintained by the staff of the Akenland server, and community contributions.


All downloads are for Minecraft Java Edition. The lite versions exclude alternate textures and other vanilla-incompatible features (see below) to reduce the download size.

(download links coming soon)

Please do not redistribute or rehost the pack. You may use the above download links for your server resource pack.

The Aunix Sanctuary, Akenland

CTM & OptiFine / Fabulously Optimized

"What is CTM? Words cannot do it justice, check out these pictures." ~SMP

CTM provides far greater options for customizing how textures are displayed. Bookshelves that span multiple blocks, slabs turning into pillars, unique variations in stone and wood, carpets with decorative edging, unique types of barrels, and many more builder-focused features.

These features require the use of the OptiFine mod or the Fabulously Optimized modpack. Please note that other graphics mods and modpacks may have similar features, but our focus is only on supporting OptiFine and FO at this time.


The Akenland team has been in charge of maintaining Revival for several years, and have worked closely with SMP on this continuation of his work.

We welcome community contributions! If you have created or edited any textures, whether they are new textures or alternates for existing textures, please send them to us at revival@akenland.com.

We use GitHub to host the pack. It automatically tracks and saves copies of every change, allows automatic updates, and also has excellent features to support multiple versions of the pack and keep track of what needs to be done.

Visit our GitHub here. If you have a GitHub account, feel free to submit issues for any missing textures, bugs, or suggestions. Pull requests may be accepted if they contain smaller changes (i.e. just adding new textures).


SMP is the author of this pack and thus holds copyright for all textures, including derivatives of his textures.

You may use this pack in any video, server, map, or project, as long as you include credit. Please link to this website.

When possible, link people to this website instead of redistributing or rehosting the pack.

The Akenland team has gotten permission from SMP to redistribute the pack, and have an agreement with him regarding its distribution and updates.

You may not use any part of this pack, edited or not, in any other pack or work.

If you have any questions about these terms, please email us at revival@akenland.com.